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10 Aug 2011

Call of Mini Zombie Money Hack [Hex]

Only Work for Version 1.5 and Below
What you need:
1. I-Funbox or any file transfer software
2. Hex editor [Im Gonna use Hex Workshop]
3. Your 'MySavedGame.game' < find it in var/mobile/application/Com Zombie/Documents

 If your a lazy fellow and do not want to follow these steps download my save file HERE then go to var/mobile/application/Com Zombie/Documents using I-Funbox and replace the previous file. But BEWARNED your progression in the previous Game are gone. The Step below allow you to maintain your previous save file while only changing your money value

1. Get your 'MySaveGame.game' using 'Your' transfer software, then transfer it to your desktop
2. Open the file with Hex editor. Dun panic if you dun know any of the codes.
3. Then hit 'Ctrl + F' for find and type in the value of money you have. Remember to change the TYPE of find to '32 bit Sign long'. I have $8580 so I typed in 8580 in the value area. Look below if you don't get what I meant

    4. Hit ok, your value will appear in the highlighted area. 

    5. To change your gold to $9,999,999. Change your value to 7F 96 98 00.
       If you want to put your own value, do Ctrl+F, type in the value with the amount of money you want,         copy the Hex value, EXIT (do not click ok) the 'Find function', type in the Hex value at the highlighted area.

    6.Hit save and drag your save file to var/mobile/application/Com Zombie/Documents and replace the previous one
    7. Thats All :] Enjoy!!

Now that a look at THIS>>

Have Fun, thank you for visiting le mywayofwork.blogspot.com
You have just learnt the Basic of Hex editing >:D
For any question leave a comment below


  1. i happen to understand the steps but i don't have a windows computer and the way the hex program appeared on your screen compare to my mac is that my mac program doesn't appear to have the same hex setting as your hex setting but i would really like to download the saved game data that u have

  2. IF your see this, pass me your email address I'll send you the link.

  3. also tell me your version of Call of Zombies

  4. Here gd32300@gmail.com & I have the latest updated version

  5. I have version 1.8.1 and it doesn't find the value... any ideas?

  6. All what i want to do is jailbrake my ipod but i dont know how please help.

  7. hammiedehamster26 June 2012 at 10:51

    can you please send me your save file? the link doesnt work at me. my email adress is: nicknoort@live.nl

  8. Smithmikeyy@yahoo.com

  9. doesnt work with my newest version of call of mini zombies....

    Any Ideas for me? Thanks for Your Help anyway.

    My Email:shapeofselfhood@gmail.com

    Thx and Kindest Regards

  10. How do you hack a kindle fire and email is cellphone7278@gmail.com